Scooter Cannonball Handicap Calculator

The Scooter Cannonball Run uses an adjusted the handicap system for scoring (vs. CC classes) riders. The handicap is based on both the age and displacement of your scooter and is normalized to a 1979 Vespa P200E. The handicap takes into account the power/cc of every Vespa made since 1946. That said some models performed better than average and others worse. This calculator is for guidance only, your official handicap will be calculated by the organizers. Please visit the Riders Forum for questions about the method and rational behind the handicap system.

Entrant Scooter

The form below can be used to compare performance between two scooters. It's simply applying the handicap to the top speed to give an adjusted top speed. This assumes that top speed is representative of over all performance.

Scooter A
Scooter B