Riders may informally establish “teams” with other Riders to combine support resources or assist each other with planning. Riders will only be awarded points based solely their specific performance. Riders actually riding together and passing at checkpoints concurrently must individually maintain their own documentation to be eligible for points and are not permitted to substitute or share documentation with other Riders.


Rider Scooter
DaBinChe (#5) 2009 Honda Elite110

Hardcore Helix Boys

Rider Scooter
MikeS (#11) 1997 Honda Helix CN250
febail (#28) 1997 Honda Helix
JAlden (#88) 2004 Honda Helix

Pirates of the high CC's

Rider Scooter
Twelvetoe (#33) 2007 Piaggio BV 250

South Bay Scooter Posse

Rider Scooter
ADVscooter (#36) 2013 Vespa GTV 300
LonSBSP (#72) 2007 Piaggio MP3 250ie

Squadra Lumaca/Team Snail

Rider Scooter
wleuthold (#41) 2007 Vespa GT 200 "Vanessa"
walkabout (#60) 2009 Vespa GTS 250ie
flyguy2 (#68) 2015 Yamaha Smax


Rider Scooter
staggart (#42) 2008 Piaggio MP3

Red n Dented

Rider Scooter
Brek81 (#51) 2015 Yamaha Smax


Rider Scooter
SwissMiss (#81) 2004 Honda Reflex