Control & Bonus Checkpoints

The ability to plan and navigate an optimum route in this Event is essential to success. The route each day between starting and ending hotels is predefined by Control Checkpoints and will be made available to Riders prior to the start of the Event. This route will be the preferred, but not required, path to be followed.

Each day's route will have a total of five (5) Control Checkpoints including: one (1) Start Control Checkpoint, three (3) Control Check Points, and one (1) Finish Control Checkpoint. To be eligible to qualify for points, the Rider must depart from the Start Control Checkpoint, pass through all five (5) Control Checkpoints, and arrive at the Finish Control Checkpoint on designated day.

Identifier Type Description
D1.START Checkpoint 2018 Scooter Cannonball Run Starting Line
D1.CP1 Checkpoint Bitterwater Road & Bitterwater Valley Road
D1.BP1 Bonus Kern National Wildlife Refuge
D1.CP2 Checkpoint Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park
D1.BP2 Bonus Fountain Springs El Tapatio
D1.CP3 Checkpoint Troy Meadow Campground Entrance
D1.END Checkpoint Day 1 Finish Line
D2.CP1 Checkpoint Ashford Mills Ruins
D2.BP1 Bonus Tecopa Brewing Company
D2.CP2 Checkpoint Idle Spurs Tavern of Sandy Valley
D2.BP2 Bonus Seven Magic Mountains
D2.BP3 Bonus Showboy Bake Shop
D2.CP3 Checkpoint Redstone Dune Trailhead
D2.BP4 Bonus Welcome to Bunkerville Sign
D2.BP5 Bonus Nevada / Arizona State Line
D2.BP6 Bonus Shivwits Convenience Store
D2.END Checkpoint Day 2 Finish Line
D3.BP1 Bonus Entrance Zion National Park
D3.CP1 Checkpoint Glendale Post Office
D3.CP2 Checkpoint Burr Trail Grill
D3.BP2 Bonus Burr Trail Switchbacks
D3.CP3 Checkpoint Bullfrog Marina
D3.BP3 Bonus Moki Dugway
D3.END Checkpoint Day 3 Finish Line
D4.BP1 Bonus Red Mesa Chapter House
D4.CP1 Checkpoint Kiva Point
D4.BP2 Bonus Marvel, Colorado Post Office
D4.CP2 Checkpoint Wolf Creek Pass
D4.CP3 Checkpoint La Veta Pass
D4.BP3 Bonus Picketwire General Store
D4.END Checkpoint Day 4 Finish Line
D5.CP1 Checkpoint Dry Cimarron Scenic Byway Unpaved Road 17 Mile Sign
D5.BP1 Bonus Kenton, Oklahoma Post Office
D5.CP2 Checkpoint Giant Cowboy Statue
D5.BP2 Bonus Cattle Feed Yard
D5.CP3 Checkpoint Miami, Texas Post Office
D5.BP3 Bonus Texas / Oklahoma State Line
D5.END Checkpoint Day 5 Finish Line
D6.BP1 Bonus J&P Café
D6.CP1 Checkpoint Fort Cobb Post Office
D6.BP2 Bonus Payne Baptist Church
D6.CP2 Checkpoint Byars, Oklahoma Post Office
D6.CP3 Checkpoint Ashland Church of Christ
D6.BP3 Bonus Cedar Creek Vista Overview
D6.BP4 Bonus Oklahoma/Arkansas State Line
D6.END Checkpoint Day 6 Finish Line
D7.BP1 Bonus Norman Truck Stop
D7.CP1 Checkpoint De Roche Baptist Church
D7.BP2 Bonus Grant 8 Road & Grant 11 Road Intersection
D7.CP2 Checkpoint Piggly Wiggly in DeWitt
D7.BP3 Bonus Crenshaw City Hall
D7.CP3 Checkpoint Lakeside Market
D7.BP4 Bonus Lullard's Grocery
D7.END Checkpoint Day 7 Finish Line
D8.BP1 Bonus Natchez Trace Parkway / Tennessee River Overview
D8.CP1 Checkpoint FAME Studios
D8.BP2 Bonus Lawrence County Water Treatment Facility
D8.BP3 Bonus Valhermoso Springs Post Office
D8.CP2 Checkpoint Dot's Dairy Den
D8.BP4 Bonus The Man's Shed Store Henagar
D8.CP3 Checkpoint Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
D8.BP5 Bonus Lakeside Church
D8.BP6 Bonus Tennga Post Office
D8.END Checkpoint Day 8 Finish Line
D9.BP1 Bonus Stecoah Diner
D9.CP1 Checkpoint Big Witch Overlook
D9.BP2 Bonus Rough Butt Bald Overlook
D9.CP2 Checkpoint Walnut Cove Overlook
D9.BP3 Bonus Craggy Gardens Visitor Center
D9.CP3 Checkpoint Bear Den Overlook
D9.BP4 Bonus Green Mountain Overlook
D9.BP5 Bonus The Lump Overlook
D9.BP6 Bonus Air Bellows Overlook
D9.END Checkpoint Day 9 Finish Line
D10.BP1 Bonus Milepost 197 Cemetery
D10.BP2 Bonus Charity Baptist Church
D10.CP1 Checkpoint Dickie's Grocery & Grill
D10.BP3 Bonus Punk's Gas Station
D10.CP2 Checkpoint Wilkins Drive In
D10.BP4 Bonus Gasburg Dollar General
D10.CP3 Checkpoint Fly The Bros Gas Station
D10.BP5 Bonus Pentecostal House of Prayer
D10.BP6 Bonus Metal Dinosaur Park
D10.END Checkpoint 2018 Scooter Cannonball Run Finish Line

2018 Scooter Cannonball Run Starting Line (Checkpoint )

Bitterwater Road & Bitterwater Valley Road (Checkpoint )

Kern National Wildlife Refuge (Bonus )

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park (Checkpoint )

Fountain Springs El Tapatio (Bonus )

Troy Meadow Campground Entrance (Checkpoint )

Day 1 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Ashford Mills Ruins (Checkpoint )

Tecopa Brewing Company (Bonus )

Idle Spurs Tavern of Sandy Valley (Checkpoint )

Seven Magic Mountains (Bonus )

Showboy Bake Shop (Bonus )

Redstone Dune Trailhead (Checkpoint )

Welcome to Bunkerville Sign (Bonus )

Nevada / Arizona State Line (Bonus )

Shivwits Convenience Store (Bonus )

Day 2 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Entrance Zion National Park (Bonus )

Glendale Post Office (Checkpoint )

Burr Trail Grill (Checkpoint )

Burr Trail Switchbacks (Bonus )

Bullfrog Marina (Checkpoint )

Moki Dugway (Bonus )

Day 3 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Red Mesa Chapter House (Bonus )

Kiva Point (Checkpoint )

Marvel, Colorado Post Office (Bonus )

Wolf Creek Pass (Checkpoint )

La Veta Pass (Checkpoint )

Picketwire General Store (Bonus )

Day 4 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Dry Cimarron Scenic Byway Unpaved Road 17 Mile Sign (Checkpoint )

Kenton, Oklahoma Post Office (Bonus )

Giant Cowboy Statue (Checkpoint )

Cattle Feed Yard (Bonus )

Miami, Texas Post Office (Checkpoint )

Texas / Oklahoma State Line (Bonus )

Day 5 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

J&P Café (Bonus )

Fort Cobb Post Office (Checkpoint )

Payne Baptist Church (Bonus )

Byars, Oklahoma Post Office (Checkpoint )

Ashland Church of Christ (Checkpoint )

Cedar Creek Vista Overview (Bonus )

Oklahoma/Arkansas State Line (Bonus )

Day 6 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Norman Truck Stop (Bonus )

De Roche Baptist Church (Checkpoint )

Grant 8 Road & Grant 11 Road Intersection (Bonus )

Piggly Wiggly in DeWitt (Checkpoint )

Crenshaw City Hall (Bonus )

Lakeside Market (Checkpoint )

Lullard's Grocery (Bonus )

Day 7 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Natchez Trace Parkway / Tennessee River Overview (Bonus )

FAME Studios (Checkpoint )

Lawrence County Water Treatment Facility (Bonus )

Valhermoso Springs Post Office (Bonus )

Dot's Dairy Den (Checkpoint )

The Man's Shed Store Henagar (Bonus )

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (Checkpoint )

Lakeside Church (Bonus )

Tennga Post Office (Bonus )

Day 8 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Stecoah Diner (Bonus )

Big Witch Overlook (Checkpoint )

Rough Butt Bald Overlook (Bonus )

Walnut Cove Overlook (Checkpoint )

Craggy Gardens Visitor Center (Bonus )

Bear Den Overlook (Checkpoint )

Green Mountain Overlook (Bonus )

The Lump Overlook (Bonus )

Air Bellows Overlook (Bonus )

Day 9 Finish Line (Checkpoint )

Milepost 197 Cemetery (Bonus )

Charity Baptist Church (Bonus )

Dickie's Grocery & Grill (Checkpoint )

Punk's Gas Station (Bonus )

Wilkins Drive In (Checkpoint )

Gasburg Dollar General (Bonus )

Fly The Bros Gas Station (Checkpoint )

Pentecostal House of Prayer (Bonus )

Metal Dinosaur Park (Bonus )

2018 Scooter Cannonball Run Finish Line (Checkpoint )